During the past 50 years, the value of gold has experienced a significant increase. In the early 1970s, the price of gold was approximately $35 USD per ounce. However, as the global economy has undergone significant changes, such as recessions and financial crises, the value of gold has gained more importance as a safe investment.

In particular, since the early 2000s, the price of gold has shown steady and significant growth. In 2001, the price of gold was around $271 USD per ounce, and as we approach the present day in 2021, the price of gold has reached historic levels of around $1,800 USD per ounce.

Gold Chart – Last 5 Years (kitco.com) Gold Chart – Last 10 years (kitco.com)

It is worth noting that the exact value of gold fluctuates due to various factors, such as global economic conditions, inflation, interest rates, and supply and demand of the metal. However, overall, the past 50 years have witnessed a considerable increase in the value of gold as an investment.