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Visits at home


Welcome to GM Gold Jewelry Family, we are happy to have you with us.

We offer our clients home visits, a commercial representative will help you on this special date by providing you with all the necessary information to choose the best option according to your budget and taste, trying to find a balance between them, the best part at no cost, you just have to Contact us to get your free jewelry advisor.

What can I expect from the visit?
all the relevant information to find the best option for you.
Is it possible to see the final result?
The sales representative will show you some samples so you can appreciate our excellence in the art of jewelry making.
If I haven’t decided on anything specific and I need more time?
Don’t worry, we know it’s important for you to be safe.
If I have decided and want a product, what’s next?
We send your order to production and after the manufacturing time we will agree on a new meeting to provide personalized delivery of your order.
When do I have to pay?
at any time, if you prefer payment can be made the same day the order is delivered, we work for the satisfaction of our customers, if the result does not please you, you do not have to purchase it!


Contact us to get an appointment.