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“Always brilliant”

we always try to keep our jewels in the best possible condition, but when the time pass, we have to clean our jewelry and we don’t want to leave you alone in the process the gold of our company is the customer satisfaction for that reason the gift for them, is “Always Brilliant” this is a package that includes deep clean and polish!

You don’t have to worry about how to clean the jewelry properly, we take care it for you and we certify that all the stones setting there, we have records about all our jewels to show if the item was manipulated by a not certified jeweler, and you can be sure that your diamonds are still with you!

How can I get “Always Brilliant”?

you don’t have to worry about, all our items are cover and you can claim your “Always Brilliant” when you want it! *

at the moment that you decided it, please contact us and a customer service representative give you the next steps to follow.




*’Always Brilliant” Include 2 free of charge maintenance, we check the items before process and confirm to the customer for any kind of manipulation.