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Welcome to GM Gold Jewelry, our history is long and begins 30 years ago in 1993 when the family built their first jewelry factory and they started with the ancient knowledge of their teachers in this art, they taught them all the steps to follow and thus they obtained the best results.

Then, over the years and with all the experience acquired, we develop and update the jewelry making process to achieve more and more perfection in the manufacturing process.

To take care of that legacy we are committed to finishing our product with excellence and the best customer service because we know that it is not just a jewel, it is the memories we create in that special moment, our customers are the most important part of our journey!

In 2001 I began to be part of the family business, at that time I received all the family knowledge, a few years later in 2007 with the entire process learned we started a new jewelry factory, improving and updating new techniques in the manufacturing process.

Now, we begin a new journey in New Jersey along with the other family factories and our own, we try to be part of our customers’ journey, offering them the best experience and quality and support.


We offer different products for our clients, one of them is French pavé, this is the most specialized technique in the manufacturing process, because an expert jeweler with a microscope takes care of every detail to achieve the best quality and the most beautiful finish.

At the Gm Family we try to be the most original and that is why we only show our clients Jewelry made by our own hand, that is why almost all our photographs were taken by us, each photo you can see on our website. It is a jewel of the client, we have always been a factory and we continue to be, the showroom was very limited only for companies, now we try to offer all the products that we usually manufactured for jewelry stores directly to the public.

Thanks for your visit!